How do you acquire new skills to become more resilient? All our senses come to play and it starts with remembering what matters to you, and then doing it. The important elements: self awareness, desire and bringing your best self to the table every day.


I lead small group resilience workshops in the US and Europe twice a year, and customized sessions for organizations on demand. 

Resilience Workshops


Reflex points in the hands, feet and ears are key to relaxation and increased blood flow to all parts of the body. As part of a regular addition to our health management routine, people report feeling better; some won't go without it. 


I like it so much I had to learn the techniques and now offer it to you.

Practical Hypnosis 

Another good health management tool is learning to direct your thoughts to relaxation, improved concentration and sleep. Many are surprised to learn they experience some form of hypnosis throughout each day, via tv commercials or missing an exit while driving. 


I teach people how to direct their focus and achieve the results they desire.

Live With Resilience

We all encounter challenges in our lives. It's how we respond that impacts how well we grow.


Through interactive individual or group workshops, Pam helps you build a plan to be your strong, resilient and very best self.



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