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Creating A Culture & Managing To It

Active Listening

Miss the point? Listening is a skill and when you have it, you're a joy to work with: On teams, as a manager, and most importantly, for clients.


Active Listening is a key part of what we teach.  Results are remarkable.

 Questioning in Layers

Why ask 7 questions when 3 will do? Layered questioning follows up on topics discovered during active listening. Without the right questions, what's the answer worth?


Productivity and results - that's what you get with good questioning skills.

Self Confidence

What's your purpose?  What are you good at? Why do you do what you do?  Intuition comes naturally when we are sure of ourselves. 


We teach how to assess your styles and strengths and use them to the good of the team, and the individual.  It feels good to hit your stride.

The Offer

Keynote & Motivational Speaking

Executive Retreats

Sales & Ops Manager Development

Sales & Support Training


Satisfied Employees = Customer Retention

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